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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Random Sunday!

Clearly I'm the worst blogger in the world. Oh well.

1. I missed the Silent Poetry Reading, apparently. Here, have some Emily Dickinson anyway.

Hope is a strange invention —
A Patent of the Heart —
In unremitting action
Yet never wearing out —

Of this electric Adjunct
Not anything is known
But its unique momentum
Embellish all we own —

2. My throat feels like I've swallowed a cactus.

3. I've dropped way more money on yarn than is appropriate lately. Stuff I've bought, oddly enough solely from Käsityötalo Priima in Helsinki (I need to rambe about yarn stores sometime):

Colinette Jitterbug in Monet - 2

Colinette Jitterbug in Monet. Oh my.

Mandarin Petit in Really Freaking Blue

Sandnes Garn Mandarin Petit in possibly the greates blue ever. I cast on something with it, but I don't know whether it looks like arse or not. Also the picture was useless.

Twilley's of Stamfors Freedom Spirit

Twilleys of Stamford Freedom Spirit, 10 balls. Enough for a sweater, I think.

Colinette Point 5 in Sahara

Colinette Point 5 in Sahara. Two skeins of PRETTY.

4. Speaking of PRETTY, this happened within two days of me getting my paws on that yarn:

Colinette Point 5 Scarf

Pattern: Painfully simple. Cast on some stitches, knit 2x2 rib until you run out of yarn. Bind off.
Yarn:Colinette Point 5 in Sahara, two skeins
Needles: telephone poles 12mm plastic straights

I love this scarf. It's really long (longer than my wingspan, at least, which admittedly isn't teribly long) and warm and pwetty. The yarn is really bulky, and I love thick-and-thin thing going on. The whole scarf took me maybe four hours, spread over two days.

The colourway is amazing. I also think it's funny how Colinette colourways look nothing at all alike on different base yarns. I usually love all of them. Here, for example, the colour is sort of subdued and vaguely brown, and on Jitterbug Sahara is a colour I believe experts call Really Fucking Orange.

5. I need more bookmarks.

6. I went through my button stash and did something that vaguely resembles organising. I took pictures and dumped it all back in.

Button stash inventory, groups

Button stash, singles

7. I've fallen in love with steampunk. Again. (My second NaNoWriMo novel was steampunk. Seriously shitty stempunk, but still.)

I blame this necklace, which I found on sale for four euros last week:

Steampunk necklace

The photo is horrible, but it's a black fake clockface with silver numbers and hands, with a silver gear hanging from it. I love it.

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