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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

High as a kite


I´m finally back from my exile to our summer place. School starts in a week or so, and of course the summer has been cold and damp until now.

I took the Sockpal Sock to a Harry Potter line party. (Geekflag!) I had to make dad drive me to the nearest resonably sized city, but boy was it worth it. I was twenty-third in line, and probably among the first 150 to get their hands on it in Finland. They started selling the books at 2:01am, but only in six places nationwide. (Our 2am is the same as Britain's midnight.) There were roughly 75 of us there.

Deathly Hallows line party, Lappeenranta, Finland

The Sock felt that I really should be paying more attention to it than to a stupid book, but I ignored it and read the book straight through. (I was finished 26 hours after I got it in my paws, but actual reading time was more like 16 hours.) It was rather good, wasn't it? I didn't like the epilogue all that much, but man were the names hilarious.

Sockpal Sock and the Deathly Hallows

The best thing about the summer being all windy and cold was this:

Lookie, it's a kite!

Kites! I love kites!

High as a kite

(That's me trying to keep it in the air. I managed for quite a while, but then of course the kite nose-dived straight into a birch.)

Can anyone tell me what this is? How about you there, in the back?

Typewriter guts

Why yes indeed, those are the guts of a typewriter! Specifically, of my "portable" Adler. (I got it from a recycling centre for three euros last summer.) The Sock found it work very well as a lounger.

Adventures of the Sockpal Sock, part 4

The Sock also got to see (and hear) some motor sports: Neste Oil Rally in Jyväskylä, Finland. I went with my dad. It was quite a road trip, and I had a ton of fun. (Except when I noticed that all the needles had come off from the sock. Thank god for life lines. I don't even usually use them with socks.)

Rally Finland 07 - Dani Sordo

But the time for the Sock to leave finally came, and I shipped it off yesterday. (Better FO post forthcoming.)

Adventures of the Sockpal Sock, part 5 (ish)

(I added stuff after taking this, but nothing major.)

Also, eye candy.


That's my button stash. Everything, including the bowl, is from a trift store or a recycling centre. I'm guessing that the lot have cost less than two euros in total. Gotta love trift stores. (My favourite is the huge on in the centre. So lovely.)

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