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Saturday, March 31, 2007

The one in which I mercilessly abuse parentheses

First up, a spring update:

Spring is coming!

The snow's nearly all gone! I've taken my motorcycle out for a ride! I don't have to dress like I'm in the Antarctic anymore! I've bought shoes! Spring!

(Speaking of shoes, I very nearly bought insanely cute mary-jane-type flats, perfect for showing off socks, but instead I got a relatively hip pair of Fakeverses. [In my world, Fakeverse are shoes that look like Converse shoes, but aren't.] I decided that if I still covet the flats on Monday I can go and buy them.)

(I love knowing that very possibly no-one reads this, so I can ramble on about anything and everything and abuse parentheses and no one's going to mind.)


Snakes on a Sock - heel turned

Today's exercise: find a sock-in-progress among all the crap on my desk. :D I just turned the heel of the second Snakes sock. (I love my camera. The colour of this photo is pretty much true to life, at least on my monitor, and it's not even taken in daylight.)

Tempting II - in progress

On Friday, the Tempting and I went out to soak up the sun and study geography. I'm about ten inches into the body and mildly freaking out about having enough yarn and the sweater possibly being too large. Oh well.

If the rib looks odd, that's because I subbed a twisted 1x1 rib instead of the regular one, because ribbing has a bad habit of spreading so it looks, in my opinion, a bit amateurish and rather crappy. I don't twist my stitches by knitting into the back of the loop, because that would drive me insane, but by wrapping the yarn around the needle in the opposite direction than usual. (I'm also very glad that I was taught to purl the Norwegian way, because moving the yarn back and forth between the needles = oh my god I'm going to strangle myself with a circular.)

I've made some yarn purchases, but because I have exams in physics and maths on Monday and Tuesday, respectively, I should probably study and I don't have any photos of those. Maybe tomorrow.

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