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Friday, March 23, 2007

FO: Jaywalker socks


They're done! Actually, they were done over a month ago, but whatever. :D

The pattern: Jaywalkers, from MagKnits (Like you didn't recognise that. Did you know that if you Google 'jaywalker' the pattern is the first thing on the list?)
The yarn: Regia 4-f├Ądig Crazy Color or something along those lines, about 75 grams
The needles: 2,5mm bamboo DPNs, though I lost one halfway through and had to replace it with an aluminium needle

Now, the fit isn't that great, but it's entirely my own damn fault. I should have used 2mm for the socks, and something even smaller for the heel flap, because apparently my purls are ridiculously loose.

I love the socks and have worn them a lot. The soles are becoming sort of fuzzy, but the yarn doesn't show any other signs of wear.

The pattern is a delight to knit. It's got that mindless stockinette in the round quality, but also the zig-zag action going on to keep me from getting bored enough to stab out an eye with a double-point. I could knit on them on busses (I get car-sick if I don't stare out the windows) and in class, because I didn't have to pay that much attention. Simply wonderful, and worked wonders for the striping yarn, too.

Because the socks are a bit large, I usually wear them either with a pair of store-bought socks underneath them (along with a second layer of trousers, because I get really damn cold) or as-is to bed.

Jaywalkers are done!

As you can see, the legs don't quite match. The stripes don't, either, but I wasn't trying to match them. At all. And since the first sock didn't use a whole ball, I started the second one with the leftovers from the first, so even that level of matching-ness is a minor miracle.

Now, there's something fishy going on with the toes. That's because I'm an idiot and a kitchener stitch dweeb. Here, have a helpful diagram of where I screwed up:

Jaywalkers - I am an idiot.

The red lines highlight the direction of the kitchener stitch. Why yes, I did kitchener the toe of the first sock, on the right, in a right angle to the way it's supposed to be. Go me! (I hope I at least learned something from this experience, as I couldn't be arsed to rip back, because it doesn't really bother me.)

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