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Thursday, March 22, 2007

... Aand I'm back.

I clearly lose at updating. Oh well.

Since I last posted, I've come back from London and turned seventeen. Spring is sort of coming, but the weather is rather weird at the moment.

This was taken on our back yard last Friday:


Half of the lawn is covered with snow, and the other isn't. (Our lawn is actually mostly covered in moss instead of grass, so it's green all year round.)

On Monday, it rained, snowed and hailed in rapid succession. Oh, and it was windy as hell. I nearly lost a hat, and it was kinda skullcap-y.

Then this happened on Tuesday:

... Crap.

Yeah. I'm glad I didn't get the motorcycle out yet. And now it's pretty much back to the way it was last week, with half the snow melted away.

Also, yarn.

yarn - Rowan Calmer

Four balls of Rowan Calmer in Coffee Bean. It's soft and squishy and springy and lovely. And oh, the colour. (Dark brown is like magic. It goes with everything, like orange and pink and greens, especially lime, and turquoise and white and oh. Yeah, a good portion of my clothes are in those colours. :D)

That's going to become Tempting II from Knitty. I've already cast on and am about three inches into the body. I'm a bit worried about running out of yarn, but we'll see. (Anecdote: this is the first time I've ever knit anything out of the specified yarn. And it's in the colour shown, too!)

Of course, it was my birthday on the 11th, so I had to buy something a little more expensive and nice. What I got after nearly and hour of browsing and trying to decide was this:

yarn - Garnstudio's Silke-Tweed

Garnstudio's Silke-Tweed in a lovely green colour. I'm a complete sucker for tweed yarns, and I've never knit with anything with any silk in it, so I got this. It took me a moment to realise that he whole label was in Swedish (I'm guessing), though:

yarn - Silke Tweed ballband

Apparently I'm better at guessing than I thought. Also, the fact I've studied Swedish for four years might have helped a bit. :D (It does have English text on the back of the ballband.)

When I was in London, I only had time to visit one yarn store. It was Loop in Islington. It was alright, I guess, but not anything yarngasmic. :D

I ended up getting a skein of Colinette Jitterbug in Jay, and am knitting some Snakes on a Sock socks, from Lime'n'Violet. (There was a mistake in the pdf, but apparently it'd fixed somewhere I failed to find. Both Miss Lime and Lexy the Admin monkey were terribly helpful, though, and it wasn't anything I couldn't have figured out myself.)

Snakes on a Sock in progress

Yes, my foot really is that short.

I also finished my Jaywalkers, but I'll post an FO report tomorrow, along with some pictures. (And a magnificent screw-up, too, but you'll have to wait. Or go to the Flickr, I guess.)

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