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Friday, February 02, 2007

I feel rather like a one-person AA meeting.

Hello. My name is S, and I'm a knitter.

Actually that's not exactly true, but my actual name has a tendency to confuse people. (It's Finnish, and even though I live in Finland I have never met a person who could get it right the first time without having to ask me about hyphens and vowels and things.)

This is me:
The one-day hat

There are a few things you can deduce from that photo:
1. I'm quite young. (Sixteen, actually.)
2. I look rather silly. (That is me being cuter than usual. Yeah. Tragic.)
3. My photographic skills are nonexistent.

Things you can't deduce from that photo, and aren't really important anyway, but I feel like sharing:
1. I'm currently in our equivalent of High School, and it keeps eating my life.
2. Most of my friends have always been older than me, and since the age of twelve have preferred the company of aunts and uncles to that of my cousins when confronted with a family affair.
3. I have a bad habit of talking too much.
4. I can't usually tell if my grammar sucks or not.
5. I own a typewriter and listen to too much music.
6. I have a weird thing for picot edging, double-pointed needles and cabling.
7. I was taught to knit at school, and I hated it. I only picked up the sticks out of free will sometime last autumn.
8. I probably wouldn't be a knitter with a healthy stash now if there were no knitblogs or podcasts.


At 17:45, Blogger AmberCake said...

Looks like a new blog? Looks great from here! And with amazing English - I don't think your grammar sucks!


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