May Contain Traces of Knits

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Still no knitting content, but my wrist is getting better, so yay.

I got the info of my Sockapalooza 4 pal, and am going to buy some appropriate yarn as soon as I get a chance.

See, the universe decided to deliver some cosmic smackdown, so I have a terrible cold. And it had to happen when we had two days off from school. So I spent my First of May holiday lying on the sofa, keening pitifully and blowing my nose. SUCH FUN. (I did go to Grandma's birthday party yesterday, but that was only to get my sister to come too so the grandparents wouldn't be disappointed. I was stubling around, trying to toss on some proper clothes and beat my hair into some semblance of submission when I got a massive nosebleed. I went anyway, and was very careful to not bleed on the carpet.)



At 18:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey you! I am your sockapalooza pal and I can't wait to get knitting for you. I love the fact that you are a young knitter, I have been knitting since I was seven, and I am 44 now.


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