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Friday, July 13, 2007

The Adventures of the Sockpal Socks

I lose at updating! \o/

I spent a week in Greece in the beginning of June. Athens=total geekgasm. We only spent a day there, and then went to this wee island. We were apparently just about the only tourists there. :D (Island's called Agistri, and is apparently fairly popular with the Greek.) Sidenote: though we only spent a week there, I took over a thousand pictures.

Agistri, Greece

Then I spent three weeks working. It was supremely boring but hey, yarn money! (Mostly I crawled under desks and wrote down the serial number of every computer. That was the fun part.)

Then there was Midsummer. I took the Sockpal Sock to see the midnight sun on the longest day of the year. (Actually this is sort of the one-o┬┤clock-in-the-morning sun, but still.)

Adventures of the Sockpal Sock, part 1

The photo's from our summer place. We have this tiny cottage two hours away from our house by a little lake, surrounded by cows.

The sock also got to see a traditional Finnish Midsummer bonfire, naturally from a safe distance. We skipped the traditional getting obscenely drunk part, though.

Adventures of the Sockpal Sock, part 2

Before returning to the urban environment, the Sock and I took a moment to smell the flowers. (For some reason, I think the Sock looks amazingly good in this one.)

Adventures of the Sockpal Sock, part 2

I've finished the first sock, and cast on for the second one after serious procrastination. I'll only manage to mail them on August 6th, so they might be a little late. I hope the Sockpal doesn't mind.

I'm also re-knitting a seamless top-down raglan I was working on a while back. I had finished the body and most of a sleeve, but then I realised that I despised the sweater's guts and ripped it all out.

Pink Sweater. And tea.

(The sweater's the pink lump in the background. In front of it there's a cup of tea, because I love tea. Happens to be my favourite kind of tea, too, just like Earl Grey but with lemon.)

I'm going to spend the next three weeks at the summer place, with minimal to no internet access. I'm taking the pink sweater, the Sockpal Socks, the yarn for a cardigan and a lace scarf with me. And an insane amount of books.

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