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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sockapalooza socks!

The Sockpalsocks have landed a few days ago! My pal was Linda of handknitbyafailedfeminist. Apparently they fit, so yay!


I had a pretty crap day yesterday. See, I drive a motorcycle. On my way home from the first day of school, I got caught in a rainstorm. And like that's not enough, when I'm positively soked to the bone, it starts to hail. Oh, and one of the school books I had to go and buy turned out to be the wrong edition. And I couldn't get any sleep last night, mostly due to thunder.

Today didn't start much better; school was pretty boring, and I had to run some errands afterwards. All I'n saying is that I'm too much of a spaz to handle a backbag, a motorcycle jacket and a motorcycle helmet and to sign receits all at the same time. I made a total fool of myself, yayz. Also I was sweaty and overheated and so, so tired.

Buuut then, when I get home, this had come in the mail!

Sockapalooza socks, 1

My Sockapalooza socks! Along with the gorgeous, gorgeous socks, there was this awesome post card with instructions on making a sock monkey on it and a notebook. I love notebooks!

Sockapalooza socks, 2

My pal is Laura of Affiknitty. The yarn is, apparently, Cider Moon Glacier in June Carter. The colours are absolutely gorgeous, and the fit is great! I'm using way too many exclamation marks! (I love the ribbon, too. It has "I wonder who's knitting for me?" written on it, and these really cute balls of yarn.)

Sockapalooza socks, 3

Picots! Slipped stitches! Swirlies! The colours! Eeee!


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At 17:54, Blogger Laura said...

Oh yay! You like! And it looks like they fit really well! And I too am using too many exclamation points! :)


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