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Thursday, August 09, 2007

WIP follow-ups

I got my Ravelry invite a week or so back! I only now had time to play with it, and wow. Ravelry = more fun than a barrel of monkeys. It also spurred me to dig up all the pretties in my stash and take new photos of my old WIPs. If you've already got Ravelry, I'm Prologi. Come say hi!

Now. Projects. You might remember the pink sweater I was working on a while back. I'm now halfway through the waist increases. I'm loving the cable and all that pink. I'll probably do double-knit hems on the sleeves and the body, using a contrasting chocolate brown yarn inside the hem. I already have the other yarn in my stash.

Pink Sweater, 2

I've started another sock to fill the void left by the Sockpal Sock. I decided to try a toe-up this time. I'm working with Wendy's generic toe-up sock pattern, the version with so much detail it probably makes some people twitch.

The Boring Sock

This is a sock of many firts. It's my first time knitting from the toe up, with self patterning yarn and with short-row toes and heels. The Regia 4-f├Ądig Jacquard Color I'm using is incredibly blah, somehow, and the sock's all stockinette, so I'm calling 'em the Boring Socks, despite there being nothing boring about the knitting.

Why yes, I am a stockinette-in-the-round sort of knitter. I like simple. So, understandably, I become verrry very slow when knitting something more involved. Like this Branching Out scarf.

Branching Out, 2

It's knit out of some delightfully lime Sandnes Garn Kitten Mohair, on wood 6mm straights.

Branching Out, 3

(One more photo of that and a ton of yarn photos on the Flickr and on Ravelry.)

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At 20:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there! Just wanted to let you know that your socks are in the mail ... they're coming from a distance, so it may take a week or two. But they're on the way and I hope you like them. :)

- your sock pal!

At 01:50, Blogger handknitbyafailedfeminist said...

Hey, I got the socks and they are beautiful and they fit perfectly! Thank you so much!


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