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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sockapalooza socks!

The Sockpalsocks have landed a few days ago! My pal was Linda of handknitbyafailedfeminist. Apparently they fit, so yay!


I had a pretty crap day yesterday. See, I drive a motorcycle. On my way home from the first day of school, I got caught in a rainstorm. And like that's not enough, when I'm positively soked to the bone, it starts to hail. Oh, and one of the school books I had to go and buy turned out to be the wrong edition. And I couldn't get any sleep last night, mostly due to thunder.

Today didn't start much better; school was pretty boring, and I had to run some errands afterwards. All I'n saying is that I'm too much of a spaz to handle a backbag, a motorcycle jacket and a motorcycle helmet and to sign receits all at the same time. I made a total fool of myself, yayz. Also I was sweaty and overheated and so, so tired.

Buuut then, when I get home, this had come in the mail!

Sockapalooza socks, 1

My Sockapalooza socks! Along with the gorgeous, gorgeous socks, there was this awesome post card with instructions on making a sock monkey on it and a notebook. I love notebooks!

Sockapalooza socks, 2

My pal is Laura of Affiknitty. The yarn is, apparently, Cider Moon Glacier in June Carter. The colours are absolutely gorgeous, and the fit is great! I'm using way too many exclamation marks! (I love the ribbon, too. It has "I wonder who's knitting for me?" written on it, and these really cute balls of yarn.)

Sockapalooza socks, 3

Picots! Slipped stitches! Swirlies! The colours! Eeee!


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Thursday, August 09, 2007

WIP follow-ups

I got my Ravelry invite a week or so back! I only now had time to play with it, and wow. Ravelry = more fun than a barrel of monkeys. It also spurred me to dig up all the pretties in my stash and take new photos of my old WIPs. If you've already got Ravelry, I'm Prologi. Come say hi!

Now. Projects. You might remember the pink sweater I was working on a while back. I'm now halfway through the waist increases. I'm loving the cable and all that pink. I'll probably do double-knit hems on the sleeves and the body, using a contrasting chocolate brown yarn inside the hem. I already have the other yarn in my stash.

Pink Sweater, 2

I've started another sock to fill the void left by the Sockpal Sock. I decided to try a toe-up this time. I'm working with Wendy's generic toe-up sock pattern, the version with so much detail it probably makes some people twitch.

The Boring Sock

This is a sock of many firts. It's my first time knitting from the toe up, with self patterning yarn and with short-row toes and heels. The Regia 4-fädig Jacquard Color I'm using is incredibly blah, somehow, and the sock's all stockinette, so I'm calling 'em the Boring Socks, despite there being nothing boring about the knitting.

Why yes, I am a stockinette-in-the-round sort of knitter. I like simple. So, understandably, I become verrry very slow when knitting something more involved. Like this Branching Out scarf.

Branching Out, 2

It's knit out of some delightfully lime Sandnes Garn Kitten Mohair, on wood 6mm straights.

Branching Out, 3

(One more photo of that and a ton of yarn photos on the Flickr and on Ravelry.)

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

FO: Sockpal Socks

The Sockpal Socks are done!

Pattern: stitch pattern from Handpaint Highlight socks in One-Skein Wonders, otherwise fudged together by me
Yarn: Colinette Jitterbug in Toscana, one skein
Needles: 2,5mm bamboo DPNs (actually four bamboo DPNs and one aluminium, because I'm a klutz)

That pictue is truly awful, but it's the best I have of the completed socks.

I had to fudge around with these quite a bit. I'd knit with Jitterbug once before, and didn't have any problems with yardage. However, I'd heard a lot of people say there wasn't quite enough for a proper pair, and my Sockpal had size 10 feet. To solve my problem, I did a provisional cast-on, knit the heel and down to the toe, and picked up for the leg. Turns out that I needn't worry, really. The foot on these babies is a bit over ten inches long, and when folded in half at the heel the leg pretty much matches. The scraps on the table are all the yarn I had left.

Now, the smart among you might notice that this is a pattern with slipped stitches. Slipped stitches for elongated vees, especially when they're slipped over two rounds. Anyone seeing the problem here? Why yes, the vees run in opposite directions on the foot and on the leg. I'm calling it a design element.

Now, the yarn. I'm terribly fond of Jitterbug, mostly because it's the only "fancier" sock yarn I have access to. When I bought the Toscana, I thought it was a nice, earthy green-brown with a few splashes of colour. Yeah, well, no. I still rather like it, and hope the recipient does too. (And doesn't mind the minuscule amount of purple the yarn has. I swear I didn't notice!)

I've actually knit this sock three times. I ended up ripping the first foot I had completed, because my gauge was way too tight and the sock had a strange pointy toe. I also had to knit enough bits of the leg over and over again to make up a whole one. I'm still not sure if I got it entirely right. I hope the socks aren't too narrow and too long like I'm afraid they are.

Also, as I was a twit I didn't remember to look up a good bind-off. I did a super-loose suspended bind-off with larger needles, and it seems to have worked.

(Random detail: the knits on the ribbing are twisted. I like the way it looks, and when stretched, it sometimes looks sort of like p2-k1-p1-k1 ribbing instead of the k2-p2 it actually is.)

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

High as a kite


I´m finally back from my exile to our summer place. School starts in a week or so, and of course the summer has been cold and damp until now.

I took the Sockpal Sock to a Harry Potter line party. (Geekflag!) I had to make dad drive me to the nearest resonably sized city, but boy was it worth it. I was twenty-third in line, and probably among the first 150 to get their hands on it in Finland. They started selling the books at 2:01am, but only in six places nationwide. (Our 2am is the same as Britain's midnight.) There were roughly 75 of us there.

Deathly Hallows line party, Lappeenranta, Finland

The Sock felt that I really should be paying more attention to it than to a stupid book, but I ignored it and read the book straight through. (I was finished 26 hours after I got it in my paws, but actual reading time was more like 16 hours.) It was rather good, wasn't it? I didn't like the epilogue all that much, but man were the names hilarious.

Sockpal Sock and the Deathly Hallows

The best thing about the summer being all windy and cold was this:

Lookie, it's a kite!

Kites! I love kites!

High as a kite

(That's me trying to keep it in the air. I managed for quite a while, but then of course the kite nose-dived straight into a birch.)

Can anyone tell me what this is? How about you there, in the back?

Typewriter guts

Why yes indeed, those are the guts of a typewriter! Specifically, of my "portable" Adler. (I got it from a recycling centre for three euros last summer.) The Sock found it work very well as a lounger.

Adventures of the Sockpal Sock, part 4

The Sock also got to see (and hear) some motor sports: Neste Oil Rally in Jyväskylä, Finland. I went with my dad. It was quite a road trip, and I had a ton of fun. (Except when I noticed that all the needles had come off from the sock. Thank god for life lines. I don't even usually use them with socks.)

Rally Finland 07 - Dani Sordo

But the time for the Sock to leave finally came, and I shipped it off yesterday. (Better FO post forthcoming.)

Adventures of the Sockpal Sock, part 5 (ish)

(I added stuff after taking this, but nothing major.)

Also, eye candy.


That's my button stash. Everything, including the bowl, is from a trift store or a recycling centre. I'm guessing that the lot have cost less than two euros in total. Gotta love trift stores. (My favourite is the huge on in the centre. So lovely.)

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